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  • Lent Water Appeal

    Published 29/02/16

    This Lent we are fundraising for CAFOD's water appeal. One of the biggest injustices in our world is that so many millions of people do not have access to clean water, and over 1 billion don't have access to adequate sanitation. In this Year of Mercy we want to put our faith into action and help CAFOD bring sustainable long term solutions to these issues for some of the poorest communities in our world. Donations can be brought into school, or you can donate online here (with the added bonus of GiftAid). Click for further info.

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  • Giving Blood

    Published 18/11/15

    This week boys from the College lived out  our mission to be "Men & Women for others" in a simple yet vitally important way, by giving blood. 

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  • Homeless Sleep Out 2015

    Published 14/10/15

    “Tired, drained, remorseful, changed.”

    This is how one of our students summed up their experience of our homeless sleep out. On a cold Friday night in October thirty nine of our Sixth Formers spent an evening reflecting on homelessness before getting a small taste for themselves by spending the night sleeping rough in our playground.  (You can see a gallery of photographs from the evening here.)

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  • The Wimbledon College Chapel Stained Glass Window

    Published 09/09/15

    Wimbledon College is priveliged to have a magnificent chapel with a splendid and fascinating stained glass window. Installed in 1921 the window is a memorial to all those from the College who lost their lives in the first world war.

    Below is an interactive exploration of the Wimbledon College Chapel stained glass window. Click "Start Prezi" to enter the interactive image. The image on the left is free for you to explore for yourself, the image on the right has interesting features highlighted with descriptive information overlayed to help you discover the rich, and sometimes hidden, symbolism in the window.

    You can use your mouse to zoom in and out of the image using your scroll button, or right clicking and dragging to pan around. Alternatively you can use the magnifying glasses on the right hand floating menu to zoom in and out. If you click on one of the highlighted areas it will automatically zoom you in to explore that feature. Alternatively you can use your arrow keys, or the arrows along the bottom to advance through an automated tour taking you to every major feature of interest.

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  • Jesuit Missions' Urgent Nepal Appeal

    Published 06/05/15

    Jesuit Missions have launched an urgent appeal to help support the work of Jesuits already on the ground in Nepal to provide aid. There are 68 Jesuits in Nepal, serving five schools. They live and work alongside many of the affected communities and are already involved in responding to the crisis. Jesuit Missions UK has already committed £10,000 to help the Jesuits in Nepal respond to the disaster. By donating to the Jesuit Missions appeal we know that the money will go directly to these communities and the people they are helping. If you would like to show your support for, and solidarity with the people of Nepal you can donate via our online donations page here (if you are a UK tax payer, Jesuit Missions can reclaim an extra 25% in gift aid from any donations you make online) or send money to school, with your son(s) for our collection.
    I am sure you will also join us in remembering the Nepalese community, and all those working to assist them, in your prayers.

    You can keep up to date with the relief work of the Jesuits in Nepal via their Facebook page (you do not have to be a member of Facebook to view this content).

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  • Happy Easter!

    Published 28/04/15

    Here are two great music videos to help you get into the spirit of Easter and celebrate in the joy that the resurrection brings.







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  • Fairtrade Fortnight 2015

    Published 24/02/15

    As a Jesuit school we are passionate about "A faith that does justice", and so we are enthusiastic to support the fantastic work of the Fairtrade movement in whatever way we can.

    This year the Fairtrade Foundation released some professional short films about their work and its impact. The short version is posted below, and you can see the full 13 minute film on their website.




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