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125th Anniversary Cycling Event

As part of the 125th Anniversary celebrations, a number of Wimbledon College staff and family took part in a cycle and picnic event on Saturday 1st July 2017.
In perfect early morning conditions, teachers Mr Milloy and Mr Simpson set off from the school site with College electrician, Brian Helene, and recent Rhetoric-leaver, James Davies.

Having cycled out through Richmond Park and Bushey Park, the peloton of four hurtled up Newlands Corner before swinging round to Dorking and Box Hill's zig-zag climb (made famous during the Olympics of 2012).  En route back to London, the pack picked up Mr Fitcher at Oxshott, and with this metaphorical shot-in-the-arm careered back up through Kingston to Richmond Park.  
Here the fatigue-less five rendezvoused with a number of equally fresh-limbed College staff: Mr Jones, Mrs Gunman, Miss Jones, Mrs Saad.  The whole group then completed a splendid, sun-dappled lap of the park together, bringing the distance of the route cycled by the four original starters to a symbolic 125km. 
At the end of this lap, we were delighted to be met by several other members of staff and family (Miss Rickard, Miss Brech, Mrs Cordones, Miss Bischoff, Mr and Mrs Barnbrooke, Miss Cameron-Webb) for a veritable feast of a picnic lunch in the  warmth of early afternoon.

A very enjoyable day was had by all.