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Dear Parents

I am pleased to forward to you the letter that we have received from Ofsted following our inspection on 5 December 2017

.You will see when you read the letter that it is a very positive report reflecting the many strengths and values of the College.

It highlights our successes [page 1] as well as our values [page 2] -  In terms of successes it identifies the outstanding pupil progress data for 2017 while the letter also states that we have placed pupil welfare and personal development at the heart of the school and that boys are encouraged to embody the school’s core values.

The breadth of extra-curricular offer to the boys is also identified as a strength and the letter goes on to recognise the commitment of our staff and Governors. It is also very pleasing to see that the inspectors recognised the work that is already being done to further improve the school, on its path to becoming outstanding.

I am grateful to all of our parents who took the time to complete the Ofsted questionnaire. The number was significantly higher than for the vast majority of other schools and this was commented on positively by the inspectors. It is a fair report of the school and highlights that the school has improved significantly since our inspection in 2013.

With best wishes

Adrian Laing