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Figures French trip to Chateau de Warsy

On Monday 8 July we set off from Wimbledon with 48 Figures students to the beautiful Picardy region of France and what an amazing treat was in store for us!  We stayed in the magnificent Chateau de Warsy with its own beautiful lake set in idyllic grounds where we did a number of exciting activities such as paddle boarding

Other highlights were archery, crate stacking, raft building and even fencing which were made all the more enjoyable by the endless blue skies and sunshine.
Apart from their excellent participation in all the outdoor activities, what impressed us the most is how adventurous the boys were with trying new food – they even wolfed down the snails and frogs legs and the chef told us this was the first time he had had to cook extra snails for any UK group.     
As well as all the outdoor pursuits, we enjoyed several excursions including a visit to the historic town of Mont Didier and spent the morning at the local market giving the boys the opportunity to try out their French and sample some French street food.  A particular hit with the boys was our visit to the Beussent chocolate factory where we learnt how real chocolate is made and tastes.  What a great trip – one we very much intend to repeat next year.