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Admission Appeals

If you have applied for a place for your son at Wimbledon College and have not been offered a place, you have the statutory right of appeal.

You should consider carefully the reasons given for not offering your son a place and also look at the school’s Admissions Policy.

An appeal is made to an independent admissions appeal panel.

If you wish to appeal, you should write to the Clerk of Governors at the address below within 15 school days of receipt of the letter telling you your son is not being offered a place.  Your letter must state your grounds for appeal.  The Clerk is not involved in the appeal but will pass on details of your appeal to the independent panel.

The Clerk of Governors
c/o Wimbledon College
Edge Hill
SW19 4NS, 

You will then be given 15 days notice of the appeal hearing date. Appeals will be heard during the week commencing 22nd April 2019

You may be accompanied to the appeal hearing by a friend or representative who will help you state your case.  The panel in their turn will do all they can to provide you with the time and assistance needed to present your case fully.

At the appeal hearing, a senior member of Wimbledon College staff or a Governor will explain why the school has not offered your son a place.  You may then ask him/her questions as will the panel.  You will then be asked to state your case.  You may then be asked questions.  Each party then sums up its position and leaves while the panel considers its decision.  The panel will inform you of its decision at a later date.