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Admissions Waiting List

This list shows the first 30 applications on the waiting list for entry into Figures (Y7) in September 2019. This list is deleted once term begins in September and parents who wish their son's name to remain on the list must inform the Admissions Officer in writing or by email.

Local Authorities wrote to parents with results of secondary school admissions on Wednesday 1st March 2019.
2nd round of offers were made on 28th March 2019.

Wimbledon College has written to parents of boys who applied to Wimbledon College and have either been offered a place or have been placed on the waiting list. We have not written to parents of boys who were offered a place by a school they placed higher than Wimbledon College in their preferences.

At the bottom right-hand corner of these letters is your son's Admissions Number. You can use this to see his place on the waiting list as the list changes. 


Application Number

1 471
2 380
3 381
4 383
5 384
6 385
7 386
8 388
9 389
10 390
11 391
12 392
13 393
14 394
15 395
16 398
17 399
18 403


20 405
21 406
22 407
23 408
24 409
25 410
26 411
27 412
28 413
29 414
30 415

This list was most recently updated on 13 May 2019.

Please note that boys may be removed from the waiting list (if they accept an offer from another school and withdraw) or added to the waiting list (if a new application is received or an existing one is reassessed and meets the admissions criteria). As a result, boys already on the waiting list may find they move up or down each time the list is revised.

As soon as a place becomes available (through another boy withdrawing), parents are informed by their Local Authority. Wimbledon College will also confirm the offer by letter. 

Please contact the Admissions Officer if you have any questions or need advice.