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Articles on Gratitude

General Articles

Why Gratitude is Good – Robert Emmons

10 ways to become more grateful

Six habits of highly grateful people

What gets in the way of gratitude

Denzel Washington on the importance of Gratitude

Gratitude in Education Articles

Gratitude in Education – Kerry Howells

World renowned researcher and educational practitioner talks about how fostering a real sense of gratitude can improve teaching and learning. of a 4 part series of articles)

Gratitude can fuel school Transformation

Gratitude Activities for the Classroom

Gratitude in Youth: A review of interventions

Faith Based Articles

Graced Gratitude by Charles Shelton SJ

Ignatian Spirituality and Positive Psychology by Phyllis Zagano and C. Kevin Gillespie

Ignatius, Gratitude and Positive Psychology by Tom Carson

A Gratitude Deficit by Jim Manney

“Ignatius thought that a particular type of ignorance was at the root of sin. The deadliest sin, he said, is ingratitude. It is “the cause, beginning, and origin of all evils and sins…” – read the full article at

God talk: Gratitude by Peter Knott SJ

“Gratitude is the ultimate virtue, under-girding everything, even love. It goes with holiness, defines maturity….” read the full article here

The Theological Roots of Gratitude by Kenneth Wilson

The Theology of Gratitude: a sermon by Rabbi Gary M. Bretton‐Granatoor

From an Attitude of Ingratitude to Gratitude: by the Theology of Work project

The Jesuit Priest and Psychologist Charles Shelton SJ has dedicated a whole book to gratitude from a psychological and spiritual point of view. The Gratitude Factor