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Developing Character & Virtue

Our mission as a Jesuit school is to be “for the improvement in living and learning, for the greater glory of God”. Being a person of virtue, a person of good character, is at the heart of improving living and learning, so here at Wimbledon College we want to develop our use of this ancient idea of virtue to enable us to live out this mission in all we do.

Virtues and Character Strengths are overlapping concepts. The word ‘virtue’ meaning ‘strength’. Virtue has been an important concept in Christianity for the last 2000 years and  in recent years psychologists and educationalists have become increasingly aware of its importance. At Wimbledon College we want to bring this ancient and modern wisdom to the fore front of how we educate our pupils. We have put together the reference chart below of 30 virtues which is our framework for developing pupils of well rounded and strong character.

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