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Extra Curricular Activities

The College places great emphasis on extra curricular involvement for all boys. These complement the curriculum and offer boys the opportunity of learning and developing in different ways.  

All boys are encouraged to participate in at least two activities and most do so.  By getting involved in activities beyond the classroom, boys participate in the life of the school and have ownership of their school.  This supports their studies and, time and again, we see that those who are most involved in the extra-curricular programme are those who do best in their studies.

There are also opportunities for parents.

Recent research in schools showed that in schools offering 30 or more extra-curricular activities, pupils’ GCSE results (and especially in the case of boys) could be raised by as much as 66%.  It is certainly our experience that boys who are heavily engaged in the extra-curricular life of the school both do well academically and tend to be happier well-adjusted people.

Whether you are parent or pupil, do get involved in the extra-curricular programme at Wimbledon College: expand your horizons and make the most of your God-given talents.