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Instrumental lessons

All pupils have the opportunity to learn an instrument at the College, irrespective of age or experience. We have a great team of visiting instrumental tutors who provide one-to-one tuition on most orchestral and contemporary music instruments.

How do I apply for instrumental/vocal lessons?
You can download an initial application form from the link below. Either print the application form and return to the Music School, or email back to
Please note that new applications should be received by the preceding half-term.
Which instruments do you offer?  

  • Voice  
  • Piano  
  • ‚ÄčOrgan 
  • Woodwind 
  • Brass  
  • Violin/Viola  
  • 'Cello  
  • Double Bass  
  • Guitar (acoustic/electric/bass) 
  • Drum kit/percussion
What is the cost of tuition?
The cost will £180 per term for ten 30-minute individual lessons. There are schemes for financial support, which can be sent on request.
When and where will lessons take place?
Lessons take place during the school day and pupils will occasionally have to leave curriculum lessons for their tuition.  The school understands the value of learning an instrument and the benefits that this brings to all subjects, and we have the full support of the staff, who will try to ensure that any work missed is made up.  To minimise the impact on any particular subject, instrumental lessons are rotated as far as possible (depending on the number of pupils on the rota). It is possible to have a fixed time for boys in examination years (Syntax, Poetry and Rhetoric). 
All lessons take place in the Music School except for Organ, which is taught in Sacred Heart Church or the College Chapel (depending on availability).  
How will my son know when his lessons take place?
The timetable for weekly instrumental lessons will be posted on this page of the website and also goes up in the Music School on Friday afternoon.  This timetable is subject to change and, as a result, boys are expected to check the noticeboard regularly.  If there is a last minute change, then the Music School will make every effort to get this information to the relevant boys.  
What notice period is required to cease lessons?
A full half terms' notice is required to cease instrumental tuition.  Notice must be given in writing to the music department or the instrumental teacher (and in the case of Merton Music Foundation tutors, to them as well). Please speak to us if there is a reason why you may be considering stopping lessons.
How do I communicate with the tutors?
All instrumental tutors are coordinated through the music department, so please contact Mr Thomas in the first instance ( Please also inform Mr Thomas of any concerns to do with instrumental lessons.
My son is falling behind in a subject because of his instrumental lessons.  What can I do?
The first step is to contact the music department and we will look into the timetabling - but it is very rare for this to be the case purely as a result of instrumental lessons.

Application form & Timetable for the week: