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Pastoral Care

Teachers in Jesuit schools are more than academic guides.  They are ready to listen to their pupil's cares and concerns, to share their joys and sorrows, and to help them with personal growth and interpersonal relationships.

The Heads of Line, supported by teams of tutors and pastoral support assistants, take active responsibility for the academic progress, pastoral care and engagement of pupils in the life of the school and its extra-curricular activities. 

Expectations of behaviour and commitment are high.  Pupils develop self-discipline and commitment to the aims and ethos of the school as they grow up.  This includes the wearing of uniform, courtesy shown towards others, punctuality, and a positive attitude to studies and the wider life of the school.  

Behaviour Code


Be positive

100% effort in everything you do

Be prepared

punctual, properly equipped, homework done

Follow instructions

first time, every time

Show respect

treat others as you would like to be treated

Look after your school

take care of the school's environment and resources

The school has its own inclusion Centre for boys at risk of exclusion, or who are failing to cope with the demands of school life.