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Policies & Procedures



Your first point of contact will usually be your son's Head of Line. The school's switchboard number is 020 8946 2533. This number may often be busy and it is better to phone your son's PSA or Head of Line directly. We aim to respond to parents within 48-hours. This is not always possible (especially at busy times at the start and end of terms) but we will do our best.

If you contact the Head Master, your enquiry will most likely be passed to the person best placed to deal with it (usually a Head of Faculty or Deputy Head).

There is a full list of contacts on this website.

If you have a complaint please see below. 


Day to day notices are published on the school's homepage which is updated daily in term time. Parents are asked to check this at least once a week. Please make sure to click your web-browser's refresh button if notices seem to be out of date. The College Calendar is also online and frequently updated.

The Head Master writes to parents at the end of each half-term. The Head Master's letters are sent home by email and published on the school website. Consultations of parents' views are conducted from time to time and are also available on this website. In the summer term, parents are invited to a Parents' Forum which allows discussion of topics parents have raised as important.

You can ask for any information about the school, other than personal details and some other categories of data. The school has a Freedom of Information scheme

Parents may ask to see their son's School Record at any time. Please contact the College Secretary if you wish to do so. Your son's Grades and Disciplinary Record are also available at any time from his Head of Line.


If you are a parent and wish to make a complaint, please contact your son's Head of Line in the first instance. Please read the school's Complaints Procedure first - often matters of concern can be resolved to everyone's satisfaction before a formal complaint needs to be made,

If you have exhausted other avenues and wish to make a complaint, you may do so by emailing or writing to the Head Master. He will usually ask a Deputy Head to investigate and get back to you. We are committed to putting things right where they have gone wrong and are happy to apologise where an apology is due.

If you wish to complain about the behaviour of Wimbledon College boys on public transport or out-of-school, please contact the Deputy Head Master.

It is helpful if you give as much detail as possible which might identify individuals . We are committed to supporting considerate and good behaviour in public and, where permitted by law, taking action against boys who fail in this respect. 


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