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Mental Health Resources

These pages are a catalogue of some of the useful sources of help available for parents or students looking to explore mental health issues.

The list is not exhaustive, there are a lot of other resources available online and in local libraries, and it is not an alternative to consulting your GP, which you should always do if you have serious concerns.

As a first port of call we would recommend:

Directory of Mental Wellbeing Services in the London Borough of Merton click here


MindEd for Families: online advice and support you can trust

A site dedicated to providing expert advice for parents on a wide variety of issues, from bullying, to eating disorders, depression, risky behaviour and parenting.

MindEd for Families was built by parents and the MindEd Consortium of professionals, funded by the Department of Education, in partnership with Health Education England. It is accredited by the NHS Information Standard.


Find Get Give

An online catalogue of mental health services for 13-25 year olds with some excellent help and advice pages for parents and carers, as well as young people themselves.

Please see the links below (also on the right hand tool bar) to explore our whole list of resources, and also see this list compiled by Merton