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Advent Reflections & Fundraising

As we enter Advent, we have produced an online Advent Calendar with daily reflections to help you join us as we journey through Advent. Our Advent Fundraising Campaign this year is for the Jesuit Refugee Service, with boys (and staff) taking on sponsored 125 themed challenges to raise money. 


Click on the image to the left to visit our online Advent Calendar with daily video reflections to help you journey through Advent with us. Throughout Advent we will be reflecting on the theme "God works through people". 

In our 125th Year as a Jesuit school we will be trying to go the extra mile with our Advent fundraising this year for the Jesuit Refugee Service. We are encouraging students to take up 125 themed sponsored challenges. 


Here are a few of the challenges they have taken up:

  • 1-2-5 mini triathlon (1km run, 200m swim, 5km bike)
  • 125 press-ups a day during Advent
  • 125 decades of the rosary over Advent (for refugees)
  • memorising pi to 125 decimal places
  • memorising 125 flags
  • 125 minute silence
  • reading 125 pages of a book each week
  • 1250m swim
  • 12.5km bike ride
  • 12.5 km walk

Donations can be brought in in cash or made online at