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The Curriculum is designed within the framework of a 30 period week, with each period lasting 50 minutes. Select the relevant key stage below for details of subjects and period allocation.

Lower Line (Ks3) Curriculum

Pupils study the full range of National Curriculum subjects from Year 7 to Year 9.

 All pupils study a Modern Language. French is studied by pupils in Population 1 and Spanish by those in Population 2

Art, Design Technology (DT), Drama and Music are taught in rotation. Pupils will study  one Arts subject (for four periods a week) at any one time. After several weeks, they will move on to the next subject. Each subject is visited twice in the course of the year (known as First Rotation and Second Rotation). Dates of rotations are listed in the College Calendar.

The aim of rotations is to reduce the number of subjects and teachers the younger pupils needs to cope with at any one time and to consolidate teaching time so that there is not a large gap between one lesson and the next in a subject. Rotations have been very successful in improving learning and progress.

Subject Periods
English 4 periods
Maths 4 periods
Science 4 periods
Religious Studies 3 periods
French or Spanish 3 periods
Geography 2 periods
History 2 periods
Arts Rotation 4 periods
Computing 1 period
PE 1 period
PSHE 1 period
Games 2 periods

Higher Line (KS4) Curriculum

The Higher Line curriculum comprises of a core, compulsory set of GCSE subjects and 3 options that pupils choose in Year 9. All boys must select either History or Geography and Languages if they are in the top sets.
All boys study GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature. Boys study either Triple Science or Combined Sciences depending on their Science setting.

Subject Periods
English 4 periods
Maths 4 periods
Sciences 6 periods
Religious Studies 3 periods
PSHE 1 period
Games 2 periods
3 option subjects 3 periods each
List of Option Subjects
GCSE Business
GCSE Computing
BTEC Creative Media
GCSE Design Technology
GCSE Drama
GCSE French
GCSE Geography
GCSE History
GCSE Spanish
BTEC & GCSE Sport Studies

Sixth Form Curriculum

Boys in Poetry (Y12) are generally expected to take three Advanced Level courses which they will complete in Rhetoric (Y13). More able pupils are able to discuss a wider offer of courses. Pupils taking our Level 2 programme are expected to follow a full range of courses in the offer, together with Maths and English GCSE re-sits.

In general, boys are expected to enrol on courses taught at Wimbledon College. Reasons for taking courses at the Ursuline High School may include:
- that the subject is not taught at the College
- timetable constraints mean that the subject cannot be taken at the College with other options
- the content of the course is different
However, boys should note that priority for access to UHS courses is given to UHS students first.

 The following subjects are offered across the College and the Urseline High School:

GCSE/Level 2 Courses  
GCSE English Language
GCSE English Literature
GCSE Citizenship
GCSE Mathematics
Advanced Level
Art and Design
Business Studies
Computer Science
English Language
English Literature
Government & Politics
Further Maths
Religious Studies
Sports Studies
BTEC3 courses or equivalent
Applied Science (double award)
Business (double award)
Medical Science (single award)
Performing Arts (single award)
IT (Cambridge Technical)

Our students are

  • Prophetic
  • Learned
  • Faith-filled
  • Generous
  • Grateful
  • Hopeful
  • Curious
  • Attentive
  • Prophetic
  • Learned
  • Faith-filled
  • Generous
  • Grateful
  • Hopeful
  • Curious
  • Attentive