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Design Technology

Design Technology combines creativity with practicality.  It requires innovation to solve practice problems.

Figures Rotation 1 

Chocolate Bar Wrapper

  • Learning how to research existing graphic examples and analyse them
  • Learning how to present graphics successfully
  • Learning how to create a logo
  • Exploring rendering techniques
  • Learning Photoshop basic and layout design in Publisher

Figures Rotation 2 

Book Ends

  • Learning about wood and its properties
  • Learning about types of wood joints (Finger Joint).
  • Learning about plastics and working with plastic.
  • Health & Safety in the workshop using hand tools and machines.
  • Adhesives (PVA) and panel pins.
  • Learning new techniques in the workshop involving a range of hand tools, including chisel and mallet. 

Rudiments Rotation 1 

Maze Game

  • Health and Safety in the workshop.
  • Develop designing skills.
  • Develop hand skills using a range of hand tools and machines.
  • Learning about moulding, using a vacuum former.
  • Gain an understanding of the properties and working characteristics of plastics.
  • Understand how components work together.
  • Understanding the characteristics of the various materials used.

Rudiments Rotation 2 

Video Game Packaging

  • Exploring existing graphic examples and analysing them.
  • Learning about illustration and creating imagery related to a theme.
  • Exploring more advanced Photoshop techniques including masking and marquee tools, adjusting layer styles and setting type. 

Lower Grammar Rotation 1 

Toy Aeroplane

  • Learning about sustainability and recycling
  • Learning about mass production techniques
  • Learning about wood finishes.

Lower Grammar Rotation 2 

Toy Aeroplane Packaging

  • Learning about finishes and presentation.
  • Extending knowledge of types of wood joints.
  • Extending knowledge of techniques in the workshop involving a range of hand tools, including chisel and mallet
  • Exploring existing packaging designs and analysing them.