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The A level course aims to give an insight into key issues in the news affecting everyday life.  Our goal is to allow you to understand the forces driving things like the price of oil, exchange rates and the level of unemployment in an economy.  

The subject is split into two main sections; microeconomics and macroeconomics.  Whereas macro look at the big issues affecting the economy as a whole, micro looks at a smaller scale.

Course fundamentals include: government debt, unemployment, exchange rates, inflation and market competition.


Poetry Term 1 

  • Supply and demand
  • Elasticity concepts

Poetry Term 2 

  • Market failure
  • Welfare economics
  • Aggregrate demand and supply

Poetry Term 3 

  • Macro economics
  • Inflation

Rhetoric Term 1 

  • Business economics
  • Revenuse and costs

Rhetoric Term 2 

  • Theory of the firm
  • Alternative pricing models and theorise of the firm

Rhetoric Term 3 

  • Development economics
  • Growth models
  • The Euro Zone and the financial crisis