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Recognition of Achievement

Certificates of Achievement

Certificates are awarded across the school to recognise formally achievement based on the amount of House Points awarded to a pupil. House Points are awarded for the following:

  • Effort & Achievement in class
  • Attendance & Punctuality
  • Representing the College (Sport, Music etc...)
  • Participation in House Activities & Competitions
  • Participation in Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Positive Contribution to the School Community

The Bronze Certificate is awarded after reaching 150 House Points, Silver after reaching 250 House Points and Gold after reaching 500 House Points.

Intermediate Colours

Intermediate Colours are generally awarded in Syntax (Y11) but occasionally in Grammar (Y10) for outstanding achievement and commitment to a school activity. Staff in charge of major school activities, including the major sports, music, drama, and service, nominate boys for colours each term and the Colours Committee confirms or rejects the nominations, ensuring that the standard required is equal across very different activities.

Half and Full Colours

Half Colours are generally awarded in Poetry (Y12) but occasionally in Syntax (Y11). Full Colours are generall awarded in Rhetoric (Y13) but occasionally in Poetry (Y12). Half and Full Colours are inteded to reflect the highest levels of commitment, performance and leadership in major school activities.


Each year there is a Prizegiving at the beginning of the Autumn Term. Prizegiving recognises academic and other achievements.